Thursday, March 04, 2021
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WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 1, Manly Marina - 19th May 2019

IMG 4481The Clubs Annual General meeting was conducted prior to the sailing. Secretary Ian presented the reports from the relevant office holders. These were accepted and the meeting then proceeded to the election of the office bearers for 2019-20.

Mike was re-elected and the remaining positions filled. Full details will be presented separately. The meeting concluded at 9.45 and sailing commenced.

Heat 0ne Winter Series –Handicap Races.
Typical winter morning at the harbour. Light variable breeze mostly from the SW-S.
The racing committee set a windward and return course of three laps. These conditions lasted for most of the first four races and Mike seemed to handle the conditions the best.

The breeze freshened and turned more to the east so a windward and return of two laps to the mark in the channel. With the increased breeze, the back markers found it more difficult to make up the distance on the lower handicap boats. Most boats recorded a win. However, the results do not indicate how close several race finishes were with three or more boats crossing the line within one boat length. Peter experienced electrical problems and missed the last three races. Ian, Dale and Andrew M always seemed to be fighting it out round the course. Tony as usual turned in a consistant performance to take third place.

Intrestingly, three boats tied for 6th place[last]. This is probably a first for the club.

The Fox.