Thursday, March 04, 2021
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WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 4, Manly Marina - 11th August 2019

IMG 4619Course: With the wind predominately westerley, the inshore area was in a wind shadow but further out there were strong gusts coming from all directions. The course then set was basically two laps windward and return.

Conditions: Cold WSW gusting wind. Ebbing tide.

Racing was delayed in the hope that more skippers would arrive to battle the challenging conditions. By 9.15 only five intrepid skippers were present so a vote was taken to race or not. All agreed that they were up to the challenge so racing got under way about 9.30.

Sailing in the conditions was a challenge. All skippers chose to sail A rig. Massive lifts and knocks were the order of the day. Flipping from port to starboard without tacking was pretty common too. These conditions led to individual boats often getting a massive advantage only to sail into a hole and loose that advantage. Conversely, on several occasions boats not in contention for a place over took those stalled just short of the finishing line to steal a place.

The racing though was surprisingly close considering these conditions. At smoko only a few points separated all five boats. Peter led at this stage from Andrew, Dennis, Russel and John. Unfortunately for Peter, this was the end of his day as he experienced the curse of the sheets switching off the electrics.

In all, twelve races were run.