Thursday, March 04, 2021
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WMRMYC Inc Handicap Winter Series Round 4, 18th August 2019

SUN 18th August 2019 289Eleven skippers turned up at the Manly Marina to sail ten races in this event, on a rising tide. It was warm in the sun and cold in the shade.

The light breeze was 3 to 8 knots from the south east. The first course set was a triangle and two windward returns. We usually sail just two laps in Scratch events, but it has become more common recently to sail an extra lap in Handicap events for some reason. After the smoko break (after 5 races) the wind had moved more easterly and the course was changed to three laps windward return into the centre channel.

Four skippers (John, Tony, Dale and Peter) had one win and three skippers (Andrew R, Ray and Ian) had two wins each.

One skipper (Dale) had one second, one skipper (Dennis) had two seconds and two skippers (Andrew R and John) had four seconds each.

Two skippers (John and Ray) had one third, one skipper (Tony) had two thirds and two skippers (Eddie and Andrew) had three thirds each.

Russell unfortunately broke his main winch line and had to retire.

Bruce was busy with the camera and will have taken some great pics as usual.

A keen enthusiast pencilled our scores, thankyou for that (I am sorry I did not get your name).

Remember that Gross points from the Summer and Winter Handicap events are also awarded towards the annual Commodores Cup. 

John McLachlan #40