Friday, May 07, 2021
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WMRMYC Inc Scratch Winter Series Round 4, Manly - 13th August 2017

Racing was underway shortly after 9:30 with the wind from a very southerly direction and between 2 to 6 knots. A two lap course was set by the Pro with a start/finish line in the middle of the course. In Manly either a North-south flow in either direction or an Easterly is as good as it gets.

Bruce kindly volunteered to score (which he is now getting well practiced at) and the minimal infringements made his day that little bit easier. While some finishes were very close at times the fleet spread out with the varying wind strength. Starts were critical as always however ground could be made up with cunning sailing.

It was decided to run 6 races before a break and some great racing was had, with Eddie featuring well and the quiet achiever Scott being very consistent. Scott had the lowest drops of the day. Andrew was welcomed back and brought his ‘A’ game with a very healthy scorecard especially during the middle races.

As the breeze swung a new course was set for the second session with an easterly slowly filtering down the course. Unfortunately it filled in more after the four races were held however there were plenty of gains to be made by going the right way and again racing was close. A two lap course was set with a clearing mark to windward and a gate to leeward which doubled as the start/finish line.

Notable at the end of the day was the 6 different race winners from 10 races. Many skippers featured on the podium in at least a race. With the sun shining and a decent tide it would have been hard not to have an enjoyable day. The racing attracted a big number of spectators shore side and each boat seemed to have someone barracking for it at any given time. Congratulations not only to the podium place getters but to all skippers in attendance.


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WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 2, Carbrook - 4th June 2017

A return to Carbrook for the June Scratch racing saw the fleet grow to 16 by the start. Mike was running a little late however was made to look good by Andrew who had slept in.

It turned out a little delay was a good thing as the first couple of races in a challenging westerley of around 2 to 5knots had few tactical options. There is a always a little luck in sailing however those who had good starts and made use of the opportunities shone through early. A well deserved win went to Alex whose starts were always aggressive and some would say a little too aggressive. Over the line a few times he will certainly be in the mix when he refines his starting technique.

Eventually, after a soldier's course resulting in a virtual drag race for the two lap course, a break was called as the breeze had settled in to the south. With up to 10 knots a great course with a clearing mark and leeward gate was set with a centre start/finish line. Racing resumed and the remaining races were nothing short of great fun. Again starts were critical however gains could be made with good shifts generally up the left hand side although occasionally on the distant, right.

Boat speed could certainly get you out of jail and also sailing clean with quite a few port starboard incidences with the big fleet.

Some very good pace was shown by Allen, Andrew and Russel who could to convert this into consistant placings at the front. John McLachlan's mishap with his boat falling over had his main nearly in two bits however after a sketchy repair he seemed to go better with a 5th and a podium.

The final podium had the ever consistant Peter Kampe a solid third and the Tuesday Bandit, Scott, bringing his A game with an impressive 2nd. Some fun banter was had and some tight results particularly with the ever improving John Gower and long time sailor and virtual Rc rookie Peter Sherwood only a handful of points apart. Peter's first races had him high on the leaderboard however a few unfortunate incidences made his day a little long in the end.

A great fleet that could only have been made better with regulars such as Tony and Zappa and Eddie who.would have revelled in the conditions.

Many thanks to our hosts and guest skippers on the day.


Sincere thanks to Paul Newman for all the great photos.


WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 1, Manly Marina - 21st May 2017

Racing commenced today after the Club’s Annual General Meeting. The fine work done last year by the outgoing executive committee was recognised by all. Thanks fellows.

Sailing commenced in a light to very light mainly southerly breeze. Sixteen yachts took part in the racing today.  Our Commodores cup winner and elder statesman Jack Ford struggled with conditions today, but with a bit more breeze I am sure he will be back in the major p lacings.  New comer Leo managed one good placing and his son was seen helping a few boats off the rocks today, mine included.  Thanks young fellow.  Good places were had by Dale, Allan, Dennis, Ian and Andrew who managed three seconds.  The top places today were taken up by the backmarkers as they showed a little more skill in these very light winds.

Conversation at our club BBQ today seemed centred around the very recent World Championships.  Is it the boat or is it the skipper?  Personally I think the skipper is the dominate factor however a champion skipper needs a competitive boat.  

Once again thanks to Bruce for scoring and photos, to John Gower for all the work he puts in to the BBQ after our racing and also to John Mc for his computer talents.  

Peter K


WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 1, Manly Marina - 7th May 2017

Race Report – Nine skippers attended the scratch sailing at Manly on Sunday 7th May 2017 for RD 1 of the Winter Scratch Points Series.

Sun was shining, light to medium shifty winds starting out of the south east, slowly shifting to the east by mid-morning with the tide running out.

John Gower sailed better than he thought, well done and Andrew had good boat speed with a couple of good wins. Everyone else had their moments.

If you have a look at the results, it shows the racing was close all day.

Thanks to Bruce for keeping track of the scores.