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Winter Series 2016

WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 6, Manly Harbour - 16th October 2016

SUN 16th OCTOBER 2016 13Race Report – 9 skippers attended Winter Handicap Series RD 6 sailed at Manly on Sunday 16th October 2016

Sunny, with light winds 2-3 knots out of the east and swung around to the northeast and increased slightly as the morning progressed. Peter set the course, 3 windward leeward legs with the start being a gate on the run.

 The 1st 5 races where sailed with everyone having a few good results and a few they could discard. Everyone, at some stage had issues with weed and other foreign matter in the water. It got better once the tide started to go out. Smoko was called after race 5 and the start was shifted as the wind had swung more to the (NE).

Jack and Dennis had a good run after smoko with a couple of wins each. Allan   had a few electrical issues at the start of the day and picked up a win after the break. Andrew sailed well all day and Greg sailed well with his new Britpop and the handicap he sailing off. John & Peter where up there for most of the day. Peter’s new boat look fast. It will be good to see how it goes with a bit more breeze. Scott had a good start and finish to the day .Russell had issues with his boat after the break and was the PRO for the last 2 races. Everyone else had a turn at PRO for the day.

Thanks to John for scoring for the day.

Looking at the results, the scores where close, so well done to the handicapper.

Good luck to all the club members sailing in the N/QLD & S/QLD Champs coming up.

Tony #70

WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 6, Manly Harbour - 2nd October 2016


Sunday 2nd October and the last heat of the winter scratch racing series was blessed with fantastic weather. With a bigh tide amd light wind forecast early the fleet was lucky when the wind shifted to east earlier than expected. 10 keen skippers entered with a welcome competitor in Greg Torpy joing us. We took the opportunity to get in 5 races in about 5 to 8 knots before the break and the wind shifting very north-south allowing the windward course to be set parallel to the shore. The breeze was still light with some fluky conditions in the middle however some great racing was had by all. In an attempt to give the skippers more sailing time we tried to sail without a Pro and for the 1st boat to score. Unfortunately with 10 keen skippers, 10 starts and some 30 odd mark rounds there was the odd incident and it was decided we really do need a Pro! Congratulations to Greg who stayed in the top 3 all day and to Garth for his continued consistency. Andrew sailed well with his renovated Pikanto. Bring on the Summer series!

WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 5, Manly Harbour - 25th September 2016

Local light rain at Manly before breakfast looked a little ominous. However by 8.30am the rain had reduced to a few drops and by start time the sun was coming out and turning into a beautiful day.

The wind was light and fluky from the north/north east, coming through in small gusts approximately every minute. The OOD set a windward return course (Sausage Course) for the first set of races. This Sausage course was deemed appropriate not only for the prevailing conditions, but as a reference to the Sausage Sizzle to be held after the completion of racing.

Racing got off to a Sizzling start with Mark picking up the first win of the day. Four closely fought races followed with Jack picking up a win, Mark another and Russell fluking a win.

After Race 5 , during the break, an additional rounding mark was laid to the east. The wind had settled , by now, to a steady 5-10knots. This provided an interesting course with more windward work. Jack had a couple more wins. Mark continued to show good form, while Scott and Peter ( with his brand spanking new Purple Bullet) came through with a win each.

John Gower showed flashes of brilliance as he gets used to setting his new 360 sails, while Andrew showed consistent results with his refurbished Pikanto which is sporting a new paint job (by Peter) a new mast and a new set of 360 sails. John McLachlan was consistent over the ten races picking up two thirds.

Russell was happy to be able to compete on this day because his Pikanto had sailed across Raby Bay, the previous Sunday, solo after the radio failed (jocular comments were made that his boat sailed straighter when Russell had lost control). Thanks go to the Cleveland Yacht Club for retrieving the stray Pikanto.

Unfortunately, Ian had electrical problems and had to retire from racing. This was disappointing because Ian had broken through to win race 5. Thanks go to Ian for helping out with recording the placings and adjusting the handicaps after each race.

Garth, the current Qld champion and our back marker, fought well all day working his way through the fleet to finish equal third on handicap.

As for the post racing Sausage Sizzle. It was a ripper BBQ with a very friendly atmosphere.

See you all next Sunday the 2nd of October for Winter Series Round 6 Scratch Racing.

Russell Gray –Pikanto 16 ( with P plates)”

WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 5, Manly Harbour - 4th Sept 2016

SUN 4th SEPTEMBER 2016 40Like Déjà vua sunny day with south west winds of 5 to 8 knots set the scene for the first half of the morning. With 8 skippers racing due to conflicting regattas and perhaps Father's Day we were able to get 5 races in despite the fluky conditions.

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WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 4, Manly Harbour - 28th August 2016

A bright sunny Sunday brought thirteen skippers together to compete in Round 4 of the WMRMYC Winter Handicap Series at the Manly Marina. Lots of spectators stopped to watch as usual.

Initially a very light and fluky breeze allowed a windward and return course along the North/South channel. An early break for smoko was taken, after Race 2, to allow the breeze to strengthen. As the wind built and swung easterly a course was set to the windward mark in the Eastern channel.

First placing was shared by six skippers. Russell Gray achieving four first places. Well Done! Jack Ford achieved two first places.

Second placing was shared six skippers. Garth Halton achieving three second places and Jack Ford and John McLachlan achieving two second places each.

Third placing was shared by seven skippers. John Gower, Peter Kampe and John McLachlan achieving 2 third places each.

There were some early retirements by John Dousi, Ian Forster, Dennis Patterson and Dale Smith. Thankyou to those skippers who acted as PRO for a race and thankyou to John Dousi for cooking the barbeque. All in all a somewhat pleasant and sometimes frustrating sailing day.

John  McLachlan       #40

WMRMYC Inc Club Championship Day 1 Manly Harbour - 21st August 2016

11 skippers attended the first Club Championship Day for 2016, with the wind in the south for the first five races. It was slow going as the wind was light and shifty.

The wind direction changed to the east so we were able to set a better course that we all enjoyed. Brad and Mike sailed well with a few 2nd and 3rd places. Looking forward to round 2 next month.

Thanks to Scott and Dennis for PRO and John for scoring

Garth #99


Youtube by Lea Halton

WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 4, Manly Harbour - 7th August 2016

A glorious morning greeted the 11 skippers for the August round of the WMRMYC winter scratch series.

The first 4 races were held in a breeze the shifted through 180 degrees at times however predominantly was from the South. This allowed a windward return course to be set parallel to the waterfront and the gathering spectators. The morning session was testing with skippers experiencing some highs and lows with the variable wind direction.

Following the break an easterly sea breeze filled in which gradually veered to the north east. This allowed for improved conditions and much more enjoyable racing again on a windward/ leeward course however this time with a gate at the bottom end.

With a fairly confined course and good level of competition the inevitable incidents were numerous however on the whole were respected by infringing skippers. Most of these were port and starboard at the distance mark and more due to the difficulty in judging distance than anything else. It did however go to show that those who did manage stay clean featured at the top of the leader board in the individual races.

While many skippers made an appearance at the front at some stage final results showed that Jim (4th) is sailing well as did Andrew (3rd) who had a very consistent day up the front. Scott (2nd) also went about his business quietly also showing some great speed and Mike managed to win the day despite struggling for three races which sadly could not be blamed on underwater obstructions on a generally a weed free day.  Brad and Jim scored a win each and Ian Forster had a string of podium places. Many skippers found that the changing conditions required some fine tuning of rig setups between races particularly towards the end of the day.  Whilst allowing time for these skippers to develop their rig tune, 10 races were still held in good time.

It was encouraging to see many skippers gathering after sailing for a debrief and an impromptu appearance by Noel Ives (#173), a professional Clown, who expertly made some balloon animals for the junior spectators.


(PHOTOS by John McLachlan).

WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 3, Manly Harbour - 17th July 2016

SUN 17th JULY 2016 2What was predicted to be a bad day with the weather, turned out an excellent, almost spring day. Maybe a few skippers were put off by the weather report but 11 skippers turned up for the RD3 handicap racing at Manley Harbour.

The day started with Peter giving a talk on the Rule referring to approaching the marker buoys which I thought was a great idea and would like to see more of this at future competitions. The course was announced, a straight up and down parallel to the esplanade with a light southerly breeze. As the wind shifted around to the southeast, the far buoy was moved out to the outgoing channel after the morning break.

I cannot comment on anyone's sailing as I had my concentration on my own doings but remember Dale and Noel pushing hard behind at times. Mike and Andrew flew past at times. With a second to Dale and a third to Mike with John sailing well in fourth place and is always a constant threat to the leaders. Garth, Peter and Tony could not make up their big handicaps as conditions suited the low handicap skippers. In my opinion the handicapping systems appears to work very well.

Scott was PRO and done an excellent job as usual. I heard several penalties called and I am sure all infringements were carried out. I know mine were because Scott let me know with a little whisper in my ear.

All in all I thought it was a very enjoyable sailing day.



WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD3, Manly Harbour - 3rd July 2016

SUN 3rd JULY 2016 425Great to see 15 skippers on a beautiful winters day, light south westerly wind maybe max 3 knots at some stage. Unfortunately, John (51) had boat issues and hopefully he can it fixed before the next sailing day. Tony (70) left early and hope to see him back soon.Great to see Brett (97) sailing with us again and is a very accomplished sailor, welcome back. Eddie really sailed well and pushed us every race.

Well another hard fort win with some skippers really taking advantage of the light conditions. Not really Britpop weather today, but very frustrating getting a good lead then being mid fleet. Makes you work hard and be consistent. Take the good with the bad…

Thanks to Ian Foster for PRO, Bruce for the photos & John for scoring.  We all appreciate the time & effort you guys put in.

Garth #99

WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 2, Manly Harbour - 19th June 2016

SUN 19th JUNE 2016 1Was an interesting day with the weather (NE 3-5knt) holding out so we could sail 8 races and have our first BBQ for 2016. Big high five to Mike and John for the behind the scenes work they did in preparing the BBQ.

Good to see most stayed around enjoying the snags, went down well. Thanks Brad for the handy work on the BBQ

The course was a reaching start and two windward leeward legs then a reach back to the finish. Was great to see Jack Ford sailing with us again and really sails well. Dale also sailed well for second place. Good to have Jim back sailing with us again. I found the wind direction interesting as there was no real gain to be made on either side of the course.

So all skippers work on you boats and rigs, get them firing in a fortnight as we go scratch racing at Manly. I’m sure someone would like to write a report.  

Most of us had a turn at PRO and went smoothly.  Also thanks John for the scoring for the day.

Garth Halton now#99

WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 1, Manly Harbour - 15th May 2016

We started with our Annual General Meeting before racing today.  Welcome to the new committee for the club – there are some exciting changes and growth ahead.

We were blessed with a beautiful day for round one with hardly any breeze.  We started with 2 races before morning tea with the breeze (such as it was) in the South-West.  We had a good break waiting for the wind to hopefully come in from North-East.  It gained pressure to a maximum of maybe 3-4 knots.  With all the light wind our racing was cut short to only 6 races for the day.

Big welcome to the newbies, Brian and James.  Great to have two new faces in the membership.  We had 6 different winners which shows the diverse amount of skill in our club and that everyone is improving well.  Mike is always keeping me honest & sailing really well.

Big thanks again to Dennis and Scott for PRO.  Also John for the scoring for the day.

Garth Halton #63


WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 2, Manly Harbour - 5th June 2016

After a crazy 2 days of bad weather in Brisbane, the clouds disappeared and the blue sky shone through all day but brought with it cool temperatures and a gusty westerly wind.

We had a total of 10 races.  The course was a reaching start and two windward leeward legs then a reach back to the finish.  Everyone including myself struggled at times with the varying wind angle up to 50 degrees.  A fair few of us had sheet lines getting caught and unfortunately some early retirements as the wind took hold of some boats.

Noel Francis and Dale Smith are really starting to improve and John Dousi is sailing well with his Cheinz.  Mike kept me honest all day as well as Peter Kemp who is always consistent.

Good to see Curtis has joined the club and should take delivery of John’s Mojo soon.

Big thanks again to Ian for PRO.  Also John for the scoring for the day.

Garth Halton #63 soon to be #99

WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 1, Manly Harbour - 1st May 2016

SUN 1st MAY 2016 135Well the forecast was for rain and light winds & that’s what we got – lots of rain & no wind.  What wind there was, was from a SE direction.  Understandably numbers were down but those that were there stuck it out.

Welcome to Noel, great to see a new member – hope you enjoyed your first day and want to come back again.

John had battery issues in one race which would have put him higher up in the overall placings and hopefully he’ll fix this before the next meet.  Great to see Andrew getting a win and sailed well all day for the second place.  Alan finding his mojo to finish third and also sailing well.

Thanks to Bruce for the photos especially considering the weather and also Dennis and Ian for PRO. 

Garth Halton #63



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