Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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WMRMYC Inc Winter Handcap Series RD 2 Manly Marina - 21st June 2020



Following a productive AGm and a delayed start partly hoping the breeze would come in Handicap sailing resumed for the first time since Covid restrictions.

whilst there was some wind on the course it was very patchy and there were more holes than not. Peter Kampe set a decent sized course (some might say ambitious), however all boats did get around in good time.

The courses were more or less two laps of a triangular shaped course. Any leg could have had a windward component to it and at times boats were heading in the same direction on different tacks.

There was however some really good racing a chance to compare light weather boat speed.

Most impressive was Andrew Wilson's new Corby than not only looked good but was fast and clearly well sailed as well. Dennis put on a good show as did Andrew Milne who was likely buoyed by his trophy haul for the season. 

It was good to see Brad make a weekend appearance. Peter Kampe had a new boat on the water and despite his ballast looking a little aft still made it to the pointy end. It will be good to see how this boat goes with a more conventional trim.

Mike had some good results starting from the back however his tactical moves were likely influenced by having the opportunity to see where everyone else in front were becalmed.

See you for scratch in a couple of weeks. 13 boats last round.