Thursday, March 04, 2021
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Winter 20

WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 6 Manly Marina - 18th October 2020

IMG 3875Seven skippers met to compete in this event in increasing 8 to 10 knots of wind. The course used was along the north south channel, two windward and return legs. A high tide made for easy launching off the pathway.

New member Tony Kinsman did very well sailing RC for the first time. He showed he was an experienced skipper and will do well. Russel Gray was increasingly competitive but there were no disagreements during the event.

The racing summary of podium placings was
First Second Third
John McLachlan 3 1 2
Tony Kinsman 3 1 -
Peter Kampe 2 2 -
Mike Freebairn 1 2 3
Andrew Milne 1 1 3
Russell Gray - 2 1
Steve Zaphir - 1 1

John McLachlan
No. 40


WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 6 Manly Marina - 4th October 2020

IMG 50108 Skippers attended the final round of the winter scratch series. They were rewarded with on of the best morning sessions of the year to date. The wind was in the north east and 5 to 8 knots for the first session and shifted a little more into the north as the day went on.

Peter Kampe set 2 lap races which in the limited space and some great racing was had by all. 5 skippers had wins and there was plenty of pace throughout the fleet.

Andrew Milne fresh of his recent handicap win showed some very good speed but couldn't quite capitalize to move up the board. Andrew with his Corbie sailed well and was a little unlucky at timed.

Steve also enjoyed his morning trying some new settings. Steve has been on the scene more of late and his improving results reflect that.

Andrew Wilson surprised himself with 3rd overall however results showed he had plenty of second places and overall good consistency.

Peter Kampe is on the improve the more he sails his new Kantwo and was always pushing at the point end.

Mike had a good number of firsts however his deeper results showed how competitive the fleet was.

Congratulations to all skippers for a morning of good sportsmanship and great sailing. Thanks to all skippers for their assistance and to John for scoring.


Winter Handicap Series RD 5 Manly Marina - 20th September 2020

IMG 5001Six skippers met to compete in this event in shifting 3 knots of wind. The course used the centre channel buoy for all races, the first three races were starboard rounding single triangle and windward return. The remainder were downwind start then windward return to centre channel buoy twice then home all port roundings.
Andrew R Wilson and Steve Zaphir, as our Covid Safety Officers, presented Compliance Signs and  “sign on sheets” in a very professional Safety Manual. An excellent effort and thankyou to both. Russell Gray provided hand sanitiser and face masks. 

John #40
   First        Second      Third
John McLachlan 3 4  
Andrew Milne  2 2 2
Steve Zaphir   2 2 2
Andrew R Wilson    3 2 1
Russell Gray    1 1  
Peter Kampe       3


WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 5 Manly Marina - 6th September 2020

7SEP20.sm8 Skippers entered the Wmrmyc scratch round for September relieving the obligation to adhere to the Covid Safe plan when there are more than 10 skippers.

Wmrmyc had a Covid Safe plan in place for when this occurs which amongst other requirements requires skippers to be seated. Please bring a chair in case numbers are more than 10. A healthy social distance was still adhered to.

On to the sailing and Peter Kampe set a good size course that involved a beat into the south east wind, a lap of a triangle course and a windward and return. The wind was generally in the 5 to 8 knots range and shifting all over the course. This made for good tactical sailing and provided an opportunity to make a comeback.

The starts were still critical and if you could get away well you were a better chance of a podium finish. Mike missed the first race and Peter Kampe got off to a good start with a couple of wins in the first few races. Ray sailed well all day and recorded 2 well deserved wins.

The results did not reflect how close the racing was with many races decided by inches. The races were run through quickly with the threat of rain and despite not having a Pro went very smoothly. There were minimal infringements and some very competitive starts on a relatively short line. There are rules in sailing for a reason and they are open to debate and this understandably occurs occasionally. It is an opportunity for us all to discuss and learn and ideally this should be done on a civil level rather than in the heat of the moment.

Congratulations to all Skippers and we look forward to future rounds.


WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 4 Manly Marina - 16th August 2020


IMG 4975

WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 4 Manly Marina - 2nd August 2020

2ANG20.nmA perfect winter day was on offer for the scratch round for August.  Forecast sunny day and the promise of wind saw a healthy number of skippers turn up for what would be 8 races. 


The first 5 were held in a southerly breeze with the course along the foreshore. The wind was very shifty and the downwind legs interesting as the tail boat often brought breeze with them to the lead boats making for close racing. 

After the break the wind shifted into the east and the final three races were held in shifty but available conditions. The start line being parallel to the shore made it hard to judge how close the boats were to being over however the Pro and skippers behaved well and all start for the day got away without much trouble. 

The results for the day were very mixed and it was good to see most boats up the front at some stage. One race In particular John P got away to a flyer with his home made 22. He sailed well all day. Andrew's timber hull impressed as usual and Peter's home designed and built boat proved it's anyone's game out there. 

Mike got off to a poor start with a bit of contact before having a few cleaner races and a bit of luck to narrowly win the day. 

The points were close however and the last race in particular had all the  oats crossing the line within a couple of metres of each other. 


Winter Handicap Series RD 3 Manly Marina - 19th July 2020

IMG 4954Another glorious [and typical] Brisbane Winter day.
Sailing conditions -The tide was ebbing through out the morning. The breeze, such as it was, varied somewhere between south and west. This of course meant that our course area was mostly in a wind shadow.

The sailing committee decided that the best option for the early races was to sail windward and return along the esplanade, as the wind gusts tended to favour the south. Hoping to get some better windward work, the course was changed for the later races to include a triangle by utilising the outer bouy. It didn't make a lot of difference.

Racing got under way on time and John showed his experience in the light conditions to take out Race one. Andrew M looked as though he couldn't do anything wrong for the next few races but his luck with picking wind pressures ran out to be an embarrassing long way last in the final race. Peter, as usual, was always handling the conditions well to record three first places. Andrew W with his beautifully own built Corbie sailed better than his results show. He was involved in several very close finishes which didn't go his way.

Russel and Steve were probably the worst victims of the fluky breeze. It was not uncommon for two boats close together when one would miraculously sail away leaving the other motionless in their wake.

One of the most pleasing moments of the day was when John P was presented with his ribbon for third place. John has been a member of the club for twenty odd years and sailed consistently at our social sailing on Tuesdays at the pool. He is a research and development type sailor and has championed several of his theories. Unfortunately, for personal reasons, he has not been able to sail competitively on Sundays until recently. He was overjoyed for receiving the ribbon for third place, his first ever.



WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 3 Manly Marina - 5th July 2020

sm6jul20A nice sunny morning appealed to a good number of skippers for Sunday scratch racing.

It was great to see the return of Brett Whitbread and weekday skipper Brad who performed really well and is consistently on the improve as he learns more about trim. 

The wind was very south however flicking into the west early and then more south east as the morning went on. 

Peter Kampe set a good length course that ensured there was plenty of upwind as well as some tactical options on the other legs. 

Breeze ranged from almost nothing up to about 8 to 10knots in the gust and was very patchy making for challenging sailing. It was however close between boats and most skippers made their way to the pointy end at some stage within the 10 races.

Skippers that were quick and sailed well included Peter Kampe, Dennis as well as Jim blitzing the field a couple of times. 

Brett was also quick however made his life hard with a couple of marginal ocs starts. He came back through the fleet well. 

Good starts as always were essential and Mike benefited from consistent first legs on a course where the frontrunners seemed to benefit. 

Feedback from the spectators was positive and all skippers seemed to have had a good time. For 10 races and many Mark soundings there were minimal incidents and any infringements were suitable addressed. 

With quite a few regular skippers absent the health of the weekend sailing is looking great and we can look forward to some great racing over the next few month's. 



20200705 095149

IMG 4946

WMRMYC Inc Winter Handcap Series RD 2 Manly Marina - 21st June 2020



Following a productive AGm and a delayed start partly hoping the breeze would come in Handicap sailing resumed for the first time since Covid restrictions.

whilst there was some wind on the course it was very patchy and there were more holes than not. Peter Kampe set a decent sized course (some might say ambitious), however all boats did get around in good time.

The courses were more or less two laps of a triangular shaped course. Any leg could have had a windward component to it and at times boats were heading in the same direction on different tacks.

There was however some really good racing a chance to compare light weather boat speed.

Most impressive was Andrew Wilson's new Corby than not only looked good but was fast and clearly well sailed as well. Dennis put on a good show as did Andrew Milne who was likely buoyed by his trophy haul for the season. 

It was good to see Brad make a weekend appearance. Peter Kampe had a new boat on the water and despite his ballast looking a little aft still made it to the pointy end. It will be good to see how this boat goes with a more conventional trim.

Mike had some good results starting from the back however his tactical moves were likely influenced by having the opportunity to see where everyone else in front were becalmed.

See you for scratch in a couple of weeks. 13 boats last round.


WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 2 Manly Marina - 14th June 2020