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Summer Series 2016/17

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 6, Manly Marina - 9th April 2017

Race report handicapped racing 9th April 2017

The last handicapped racing day for the season was held down in manly harbour. The weather was perfect for sailing with the winds coming down the main channel allowing an even upwind leg.

Having owned a IOM for just over a week I was able to learn quick and take advantage of a good handicap and take the win. After handicaps had evened up towards the end of the day the last few races were all close the overall scores reflected this. Look forwards to the winter series for more close days to come.

Alex Malberg

Just 8 Skippers arrived for Sunday's handicap racing, this could be partly due to the back to back weekends as we will not be sailing next weekend due to Easter.

It was a perfect day for sailing with constant 5 knot breeze. With handicaps set for the first race ranging from 0 to 60 seconds sailing got away on time.

John Gower got off to a great start winning the first race - herecomes another 10 seconds added to his handicap, now set at +60sec.

Newcomer Alex sailing a TNT had 3 straight wins in races 2 3 and 4, we're going to have to adjust his handicap from 0 secs for the following month as his worst placing was 7th. This gave him a grand total at the end of the day of just 14 comfortably winning the day.

As always Tony was fast and hot on his tail, he had impressive results considering he has a 60 seconds handicap to make up before the race even starts. He managed a couple of 2nd placings and 2 wins.

John sailing a V5 sailed consistently all day only dropping out of the top 5 twice. He finished equal second with Tony in the final results. Not bad for a 20 year old boat and a starting handicap time of +40 seconds at the start of the day

A pleasant day was had by all and to top it off we had a BBQ to finish the day.

Congratulations to the placegetters and thanks to Bruce Mathers for scoring and taking photos.


9th APRIL scr

WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 6, Manly Marina - 2nd April 2017

With a reasonably steady southerly breeze and incoming tide we sailed a windward return course.

11 starters got going on time,I was pleased to win the first 2 races after  that it was harder to get a good start and stay with the leaders.races 9 and 10 saw the breeze get a little contrary.

After not winning a scratch event for about 2 years,I was pleased to be the winner on the day.never give up !


WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 5, Manly Marina - 19th March 2017

Great turnout considering the forecast. Was wet, then little wind with lots of flotsam and jetsam.


WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 5, Manly Marina - 5th March 2017

10 skippers attended the scratch sailing at Manly on Sunday 5 th March 2017 for RD 5 of the Summer Scratch Points Series. With light shifty winds a course was set and racing got underway on time.

Racing was close between everyone all day with many different winners and some close fun racing all day. Stand out sailor was Dennis Patterson sailing his TS2 with a couple of good wins and was always close at the finish.

It was good to see Eddie down sailing again and he was on the pace from the start, unfortunately retired at the break due to the heat. Hopefully we will see him a bit more as it starts to cool off.

Russel had his new Britpop going great in the light weather and had a few good results and a win in the 2nd race and John Dousi showed good speed at times and had a few good results. Andrew had a good win in race 4 when he got off to a flyer at the start and managed to hold of Eddie.

Peter Kampe had good pace all day and had couple of good wins in race 1 & 9. Peter Sherwood started to get his new TNT in the right gear after the break and will be one to watch in the future. John McLachlan wasn’t far of the pace all day. A bit more breeze would probably help. Unfortunately Jim Morgan had to retire after Race 2 with equipment problems.

The racing was close all day with very little incidents, so good sailing by all.

Thanks to Scott for being OOD for the day.

Tony Grey

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 4, Manly Harbour - 19th February 2017

The Morning kicked off with a small delay when a keen eyed member of the paparazzi spotted local Celebrity and Skipper young Jack Ford, who obliged with a brief interview and a few photos...

...which are rumoured to be run in the next issue of Sports Illustrated Magazine putting Jack in good stead for a very exciting season.

A good turnout saw 13 boats on the water with some competitive skippers behind the Controls and with the Fans gathering it was time to get down to business. With the shifty light winds, incoming tide and regardless of the handicapped starts it was proving be close racing with members like Andrew Milne and Mike Freebairn fighting for the shifts and catching the fleet after heavily handicapped starts. But after a quick course change, a points battle between Peter Kampe and Tony Grey made for some close racing with the end result seeing Jim Morgan taking away first, and with less than a point between them Tony Grey second and Peter Kampe third.


WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 4, Carbrook - 5th February 2017

It is appropriate to thank John McLachlan firstly for his commitment to the sport for taking on the Pro and scoring on what was forecast to be a hot day.

Combined with Jim's assistance setting the course and of course Scott and John Gower helping the fleet was rewarded with a challenging yet fun day on the water.

It was definitely a surprise to gain a podium result in what was a very competitive fleet. John Gower in particular was very unlucky not to finish higher with some great results and we wish him best at the Nationald next weekend.

Tony as always proved his worth at Carbrook and with wins to several skippers it showed you had to be on your game all day.

The breeze mainly stayed in the north west however there were a few big shifts that you really had to be lucky with. This made it challenging yet gave everyone a chance to have some good moments. There was no working one sidemof the course it could change on each leg and sometimes on the same leg!

The day started with two laps of a windward leeward course with the start finish in the middle and as racing was ahead of schedule evolved to three laps.

WMRMYC is grateful for the use of the venue and we welcomes several guests from the host club who we hope to welcome to out Manly events soon.

Ian was displaying an Ec12 on the day which was a pleasure to watch however looked like it might be very hard to sail fast around a race track.

We are very lucky to have a great class with the Iom yachts as they are fast, manouvreable and you can be competitive with a boat several years old.

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 3, Manly Harbour - 15th January 2017

A not so promising day may have concerned a few skippers however those who turned up enjoyed some great racing that got better as the day went on. 

A perfect high tide and a Northerly wind persevered for the entire morning and the PRO set an appropriate course of triangle and two windward leewards.

The course provided plenty of tactical options with various shifts across the course, a wind shadow on the first reach, fleeting gusts, some flowing current and some inshore weed.

The day really went to Jack who had the most wins with three however somehow he talked his way into a tie in a bid to avoid writing a race report. Jack started every race right on the start signal and in a testing breeze proved he is a still threat on the track.

The spectators gathered and were treated to some great duels and as each race was held the handicaps consolidated the fleet and some finishes had all boats within meters of each other.

Andrew the quiet achiever had a good day coming third and from his handicap had the challenge of passing most of the fleet in each race.

Several skippers’ results sadly did not reflect how well they sailed with Dale being impressively consistent and very unlucky not to be further up the leaderboard. Likewise it was good to see Ian back and sailing well.

Russel was testing the waters with his newly acquired Britpop and was very fast at times and sailed a much cleaner day than he has at times in the past. He was well placed to take out the day when battery issues halted his progress.

John was also in the mix all day however succumbed to a little more weed than most. Thanks to John for scoring and to Scott for organizing the day. Unfortunately Scott missed out on sailing today as he is in the market for a new controller after proving things break at the worst possible time.

The monthly BBQ and debrief was enjoyed by all and we look welcoming back a few more skippers as the holiday season comes to an end.


WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 3, Manly Marina - 8th January 2017

smIf the first official scratch day for 2017 is anything to go by we at the WMRMYC are in for a good year.

A quality fleet 9 skippers enjoyed a good racing breeze from the east south east which oscillated consistantly in combination with varying pressure in the 5 to 10 knot range.

From race 1 it was evident we were in for some good racing with all boats coming off the start well, a trend that continues for all 10 races.

With minimal infringements mainly contained to boats skimming the distance mark the day ran very smoothly. Peter set a course with an appropriate lengthed start line heading to a windward mark, down to a leeward with a short leg to a more downwind bottom mark. From here two more windward leewardd with a downwind finish.

Most boats had their moment in the sun with consistant sailing from Peter Kampe putting the pressure on everyone to keep up their game as he took a couple of wins. New member and experienced sailor Peter Sherwood took a win and was unlucky not to get many higher places as he got used to the controls of his new TNT. There was plenty of speed there though and he will be one to watch this year.

Dale and Russels performance reflected their regular attendance. Dale's last few races were consistantly at the pointy end and his overall result would have been mich higher with a little more luck.

Also good to see Dennis enjoying the breeze showing you dont need the latest design for a good showing and John havinga good day as well. Andrew admitted he did not pull it all together on the day however was still all smiles following plenty of fulfilling radio yacht sailing. Scott also snuck in with a win as as usual was the quiet achiever to place 3rd.


WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 2, Manly Harbour - 18th December 2016

The last Race Day before Xmas was a great event. Fourteen entrants arrived early on Sunday morning eager to put their boats to the ultimate test.

Could they win round 2 of the Summer Handicap Series?

Jack got off to a flying start with a big win in race one. The wind was 5-10knots from the north. The OOD had set a windward /return course (sausage) with a beat to the finish.

Dennis showed a flash of brilliant sailing with a fine win in race 2. Russell got a flying start in race 3 and the fleet could not catch him. Mike wound up the Red Rapid in race 4 for a strategic win.

The wind swung around to the south east, again about 5-10knots so the competitors took a break and the OOD set a new course with a triangle and another sausage (in readiness for the sizzle) with the finish downwind.

After the break Jack got off to another flier and the fleet could not catch him. Tension was building amongst the competitors and a lot of advice was exchanged regarding the rules and “possible infringements”. Andrew finally got his “rig set up” in order (he said the secret was more twist) and won the next 2 races. Ditto for John Gower who chipped in to win the final race. Peter struggled to get his rig working and was only an Echo of his usual performance.

Praise goes to Dennis who set and monitored the handicaps all day. Only 1.4 points separated the top three placings – Russell, Jack and Tony (who was consistently in the top 4 for most of the day)and 14.3 points separated the top 10.Great job Dennis.

Jack told me that he had thrown a race so that he did not have to write this race report and that next year after turning 89 over the New Year he would come back more serious than ever- perish the thought.

The southerly front was threatening so John & Mike got the BBQ going and we had a very pleasant Xmas lunch with some cold drinks and a friendly chat about a great day’s sailing.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to you and your families.

Russell #16 


WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 2, Manly Marina - 4th December 2016

11 yachts for WMRMYC scratch racing round 2 at Manly 4 December . A shifting northerly breeze made for some interesting racing. 10 races completed.

NEXT Friday twilight sailing at Manly from 4.30 is the final event on our calendar for 2017 (other than Tuesday morning social sailing). We hope to see many of you there and for a drink after.


WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 1, Manly Harbour - 20th November 2016

SUN 20th NOVEMBER 2016 10On Sunday 20th November RD1 of the WMRMYC Summer Handicap Series kicked off with a general meeting at 9am.  Business was attended to and at 9:30am races started with a light 3 to 5 knot breeze from the ENE on a very low tide.

 Peter then announced the course, a triangle the first lap, back out to the buoy in the east channel then back through a bottom end gate, back out again and a run home finishing through the gate.

As the tide flowed in, stringy weed became a problem and boats had to be continually checked and a big thank you goes to those skippers who went to the water’s edge and did the job of cleaning the weed.

First places in races were enjoyed by John Mc, John G, Curtis, Bo, Russel and I was very fortunate to get a few when I was weed free. Congratulations to John Mc who came 2nd for the day and John G with 3rd place, also to Curtis in 4th place.

Usually on light days the long handicap skippers take the top places but it was a fairly constant breeze all day so it was the low handicapper doing very well.

Again a big thank you goes to those fellows who make these race days possible, both John’s, Scott, Peter, Dennis and to anyone who I may have forgotten.

Good sailing to all

WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 1, Carbrook - 6th November 2016

10smThe forecast was looking great Saturday for Carbrook, 20knots from the south but the wind never came, 9 skippers turned up to brave the conditions.

We set up the club gazebo for somewhere to hide under out of the sun I think we need to buy another one? And some folding chairs!

Racing kicked off on time with Tony Grey winning the first race then Gower smashed out 3 1st WHAT!  Good old steady Mike kept chipping away, and Tony Grey well you have to keep an eye on him. The wind was mainly light, light and lighter out of the NW, but there was enough so sailing in it was quite surprising how many finishes were neck and neck so we ended up with only 4 points between 1st and 3rd.  Nice to see a couple of Logan sailors there also, a big thanks to Ian Smith for coming down to open up and let us have use of the boat and buoys and as always thanks John for scoring.

John #47.