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Summer Series 2015/16

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 6, Manly - 17th April 2016


Wind, where ar’t though dear wind, cameth the call

A little whisp, a breeze, a blustery blow, or even a squall,

the start, then thirty minutes crawled on, oh so slowly by and

Eddie finally slipped quietly across the line, with a sigh.

Another start, another limp sail marathon would ensue,

but Dutchy Holland was back, with his boat of blue,

Smoko!  Came the loud and the collective call

and there followed a resounding cheer, ‘quietly’ voiced by all.

Wind, oh glorious wind arrived and thus the course was changed

and ever after on the day, saw leaders re-arranged,

as boats were tangled almost mangled, and nervous voices strangled,

tiring thumbs worked overtime, as our wild tacking beasts were wrangled,

‘last race’ was called by PRO Scott and a sigh of collective relief was heard,

Ian came first with Duthcy placed second and Mike,

well he came third.




WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 6, Manly Harbour - 3rd April 2016

Great to be back in the winner’s circle again although by only one point.  Eleven skippers greeted the starter for race one in a light easterly breeze.  An outgoing tide and plenty of weed in the water made sailing interesting.

A win was sometimes decided by how much weed you had collected on your keel.  Luffing into the wind before starting was a help.

The wins were shared between five skippers today.  John Gower and Garth both sailed well.  Only three points between first and third place.  It was very close sailing.  Mike as usual sailed well and it was good to see Steve Zaphir winning one race today with his new V9.  This boat looks pretty quick and this combination will only improve.

It was good to welcome back Bo after a long illness.  Penalties were done by offending skippers and a good day had by all.


WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 5, Manly - 20th March 2016

Handicap Round 5 Summer Series Race Report by Winner ( Acting)

Hi All, well it turned out a great day, even though the winds seemed reluctant to play initially, but as “Boats On the Water “call loomed ever closer, in they came from the South East.

The course was set to and from the centre channel bouy from a start by the bank. This course prevailed until a small shift let us try a larger triangle and sausage course, until it shifted back. The original course was retained with a slight movement of the centre channel bouy, until close of play,

Consistency seemed to be the order of the day, which showed up on the score card at the finish.

Peter Kampe (who was taken aback at the realisation that he would have to write the race report) was victorious and Myself (having to take up Peters Mantle (again) by writing this report after Peters computer suddenly died this afternoon)’was a valiant second. Bringing in third place was Steve Zaphir, (if I had his text number to hand, I would have passed the report baton on to him) with a consistent effort, well done Skippers one and all, without whom there could not be any Champions!

And a special thanks to my ‘Arrival’ without which none of this would be possible!

Ian Forster
Commodore (Acting)

WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 5, Manly Harbour - 6th March 2016

Round Five of our Summer Scratch racing series were held in a light to medium E to SE wind.  Thirteen skippers lined up for Race 1.

Garth immediately starting out well, winning the first two races, then Mike found top gear winning the next three. Unfortunately for Mike but fortunately for the rest of us skippers he had to leave at our smoko break.  

On resumption after the break and with rig adjustments I was able to string some wins together with my windward work improving greatly.  John Gower continues to improve, attaining seven top five finishes out of his ten races.  Well done.  Commodore Ian managed a hard fought second place in race eight, just being beaten at the finish.

Thanks to our race officials Dennis and Scott and to John for scoring.

Peter KAMPE.

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 4, Manly Harbour - 21st February 2016

Conditions. High tide but ebbing. Breeze 10kn plus with stronger gusts ESE. Sailing area very choppy for this venue.

OOD. Scott Warton.

Scott got things under way at 9:30 with the twelve skippers at the pre race briefing. The course set was three triangles and a windward and return.

Several skippers chose to sail with A rig while most heeded the weather forecast of increasing winds during the morning and sailed with their B rigs. With the wind coming directly down the marina channel, our sailing area became very choppy. In the early races, during the lulls, those who chose B rig found the conditions difficult. As a result, several skippers chose to change their rigs. However, as the morning progressed, the wind strength increased and it was obvious that B rig was the only choice.

You could say that with handicap sailing, everyone wins a prize. The results show that eight boats won at least one race.

Considering the conditions and the tightness of the course, the sailing was comparatively free of major incidents and penalties when called were completed without descent. Allan was the exception having to carry out repairs after contact with another boat. This cost him two races. Several boats withdrew due to electrical problems. Tony [Mr. Consistency], and Garth did well considering their handicaps. Peter and John were always up with the leaders. Interestingly, John had the lowest gross score and was only one point behind the winners after two drops.

To round off what was a most testing day, for the first time in the club's history, three skippers tied for first place.

Congratulations to Garth, Tony and Andrew.


WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 4, Manly Harbour - 7th February 2016

Twelve skippers attended the day at Manly on Sunday 7th February 2016.  Cloudy, 25 Degree morning, medium to strong gusty conditions.

Day started off well with Denis (thanks) as PRO and setting up our course which was starting with a SE direction windward return course.  Some tended to try B rig but most of the day it was in the medium to top of A rig.

First race John Gower had a win and found his voice.  Great to see John turning up with a competitive edge.  Seems to really be getting a hold of his MOJO.  Peter, Tony and Michael had a first place as well as myself - well done guys.  Always great to sail with Peter - as always keeps me honest and on my toes - there was only 2 point in it at the end.  

Welcome back Dale Smith who sailed some time ago - will be hard to beat in the future.  Also great to see Eddie sailing.

Big thanks to Bruce for taking our photos as usual - we really appreciate what you do and the time and effort that goes into recording all these events.

All in all a good mornings sailing - hope someone else can do this review next fortnight!
Garth #98

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 3, Manly Harbour - 17th January 2016

RACE REPORT– Handicap Summer Series Round 3.

Eleven skippers attended the day at Manly on Sunday 17th January 2016.  Cloudy 25 Degree morning, medium to strong gusty conditions.
We all started the day with B rig as the wind was roughly around about 15-20 knots.  We did about 4 races up til morning tea break was called then changed to A rig as the wind dropped a little to 12-15 knots.

As part of the course was shaded from the gusts most of the time it was easy to carry A rig.  Most of the skippers were handicapped off between 40-80 seconds.  The course was windward return twice around.

Scoring was tight up til the morning break as 3 or 4 skippers were all equal placed.  Both Peter & John ended up with 0.3 of a point between them for 2nd & 3rd places.  Very well sailed John with an older V5.  Well done to all the skippers in trying conditions at times.

Handicap racing is all about being consistent.


WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 3, Manly Harbour - 3rd January 2016

RACE REPORT– Well the first scratch round for the New Year, round 3 for the summer series. 10 skippers attended the day at Manly on Sunday 3rd January 2016.  Cloudy 25 Degree morning, light to moderate winds.

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 2, Manly Harbour - 20th December 2015

Sixteen skippers attended the 2nd round of the Summer Handicap Series at Manly Harbour on Sunday 20th December 2015. 

A light breeze from NE kept all the skippers battling for position.
Burnie, Brett & I had some good battles during the day, with some intense battles from the guys with the big handicaps.  I had a bit more of the handicap in the last 2 races as I was sailing with damage from an unnecessary impact.
Thanks to John & Scott for running the event as usual & also thanks to the committee for the lovely Christmas lunch.
Ken 10

WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 2, Manly Harbour - 6th December 2015

Race Report – Nine skippers attended the scratch sailing at Manly on Sunday 6th December 2015 for Summer Scratch Series RD 2.  Sunny 28 Degrees, with wind. Nice day for a sail.

There were a few of the guys away today due to sailing up North.

The breeze started of 5-10 knots out of the East and built up all morning to 10-15 knots+. Scotty set the course, 2 triangles and a loop, with a run to the finish. With the tide going out  and the wind shifting around a bit, and  the start line just off the bank , it made a few of the starts a bit of a challenge at times but if you got away cleanly ,you found yourself in a good position up the 1st beat.

Once around the top mark and the wind building all morning, it made for some very fast reaches to the wing mark at times. Great sailing. Once around the wing mark then another reach back to the start. With wind, outgoing tide and a short chop, there were a few position changes at times during the day on this leg.

As there was plenty of wind, we sailed 6 races before smoko was called. The wind was to the point where you start thinking of changing down to your B-Rig.  Peter changed down to his B–Rig and I was considering it myself. It’s not too many days a year that we get to use our B-Rigs so it was a good chance for Peter to try it out on his new boat. Unfortunately he pulled out of the last 3 races.

Mike sailed well all day, with a couple of wins as did John McLachlan winning the last 2 races. Perfect V5 weather and well sailed by John! Dennis was sailing fast all day with a good win in Race 5, Perfect TS2 weather as well. Steve got his boat going well by the end of the day with a couple of 2nd places to finish the day. It was good to see Andrea back sailing with Scotty’s Fractal. Unfortunately John Holland & John Dousi had a few issues and had to withdraw from the last 3 races also.

Thanks to Scotty & Ian for setting the course and maintaining the scores.

Tony #70

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 1, Manly Harbour - 15th November 2015

Thirteen skippers turned up for the 1st round of the handicap summer series. Handicap times were written up on the board and ranged from 0 to 60 seconds and a course was set. The breeze was light but the direction was ideal for 3 up and down legs.

Mike Freebairn and Garth Halton sailed superbly in the fickle conditions in the first 3 races, both picking up wins and placings. John Holland also got off to a perfect start winning the first race of the day.

Race four was a frustrating one for me as I blew a good lead. On the 2nd last leg Bradley and Mike sailed closer to the channel and building breeze and flew past while as I was on the lower side of the course down near wall, to rub salt in my wounds Steve found a good bit of breeze to pip me for 3rd on the line, silly me but good sailing by Brad picking up a deserving win, Mike too.

Smoko was called so all took a 20 min break. At this time the breeze had come in a little more and had changed direction. A new course was set, mark one was now up the channel, this time four laps. This still wasn’t quite enough time for the back markers to catch the fleet whose handicap times had stretched out to +80sec. Just as inroads were starting to be made they ran out of track.

Dennis & Ian Forster scored two impressive wins each after lunch, there is still life in the 20 year old design TS2 when sailed well, well done Dennis.  It was a shame to see John McLachlan miss the last two races, his consistency had him potentially in the top 3 overall.

The final placings had Allan Bryant in 3rd, he sailed really well by finishing 6th or better in 8 of the 10 races. Well done Allan.

Garth and Mike sailed much better than I did and deserved to be placed above me. I guess incurring no penalties and staying out of trouble all day has its rewards. Well done Garth and welcome back, you haven’t lost any of your talent even with a 6 year break from the sport.

Emma Zaphir continues to spoil us with her baking – thank you Emma.

We must remember to keep our voices and language down especially during incidences. We don’t want to scare off any potential newcomers interested in our sport and club as the venue continues to attract packed public onlookers.

Sincerest thanks as always to John for maintaining the scores and to Scott for manning the dinghy and setting  the course.

Eddie #55