Saturday, March 28, 2020
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WMRMYC Inc Handicap Summer Series Round 4, Manly - 18th February 2018

SUN 18th February 2018 339

Sailing Venue -- Manly Harbour

All the weather signs were good for a great mornings sailing.

A light SSE breeze with a probability of the wind strength increasing during the morning and the tide making with full tide due late morning. There was however debris, mainly leaves washed into the harbour from the recent rain, along the shore line.

The number of starters was down slightly as six club members were competing at the Australian IOM Championships in Hobart. This was a good representation from the club and should bring current ideas with regard to boats and rigging back to the club and help raise the standard of competition in the club.

The sailing committee finally decided on a windward and return course of three laps. The breeze increased in strength, with stronger gusts and turned more to the SE. With handicaps announced, racing got under way. A new comer to the club was Max Freebairn, Commodore Mike's young son [10yrs?]. His skill and composure in his first attempt at racing with the “Take no hostages”adults was very impressive.

 The early races tended to favour the low handicap boats. As the wind strength and gusts increased, Tony showed why his V8 is acknowledged as a song wind performer. John as usual was flying below the radar consistently picking up minor places. Dennis and Andrew carried on their own battle in most races, Neither prepared to give the other a break. Peter, Mike and Scott as back markers had the frustrating situation of having to battle with each other in every race. Mike sailed a beautifully made cedar planked and varnished[?] V8. As most new boats are made of fibre glass and usually painted, it is impossible to see the fine work and skill of the builder that goes into their construction.

Considering the conditions, there were few penalties and all carried out quickly. The debris affected most boats at some stage but we have sailed in worse conditions. Scott sacrificed his last three races to prepare BBQ lunch. Thanks Scott. Bruce acted as scorer and “Official Photographer”. All members enjoy going through the photographs that Bruce takes including the unusual/quirky subjects that he finds.

 The Fox.