Sunday, March 29, 2020
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WMRMYC Inc Scratch Summer Series Round 5, Manly - 4th March 2018

Image2The March round of scratch racing was back at Manly and with a high tide and forecast wind from the northeast hopes were up. The 10 skippers who turned up were not disappointed with one of the best days sailing we have had this year.

There was a slight delay waiting for the breeze to settle while Dale and Scott set a really true course with a start line/gate to leeward and a port rounding at the top mark. Five 2 lap races were held before the break and some very close races were held. Bruce was tasked with scoring and it was not made easy. Race 1 in particular saw a photo finish for 8 of the boats and it is likely a few may have been scored out of place, apologies to anyone! On that note it is great to have Bruce on the job and we look forward to seeing Eddie back as the weather cools. 

As the morning went on there were several different race winners with consistency being the key. A good start as always helped however there were plenty of shifts on either side of the course to get you back into (or out of) the game.  For tight racing it was held in very good spirits and any penalties were quickly resolved. The main one being at the top mark where the shifts were causing some very unintended contact mainly between boats on the same tack trying to get around.

John Paech who had been absent for a while featured well with a borrowed boat. Likewise John Gower, Mike and Tony were early leaders. 

After the break the wind swung more into the north allowing the committee to set a course along the foreshore. This allows for a central start line and top and bottom marks and is always exciting for spectators and skippers alike. 

The second session again brought new winners with Arco and John Paech and Dale having well deserved wins. John Mc went around the top mark in 1st on two occasions only to be unlucky with weed. Likewise Andrew did not have a great day despite showing some great pace in recent race days and the social Tuesday sailing. Maybe he needed some more wind? Congratulations to all skippers and not just the winners as all boats had their moments. Thanks to Bruce, John and Scott for ensuring the day ran smoothly as always. 



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