Thursday, March 04, 2021
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WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 3 Manly Marina - 17th January 2021

IMG 5083The 1st Scratch race for 2021 saw a good fleet of 11 skippers turn up for the 10 scheduled races. With the breeze direction in a perfect direction (east south east) for Manly harbour the pro set a two lap windward leeqard with a gate at the bottom.

Starts were competitive and a couple of Ocs calls were made. There were also plenty of Port and starboard incidents mainly at the distance mark as eyes were tested. Some were forgiven for this reason however in general penalties were taken with good sportsmanship. The stripe on the windward mark definitely made the Pro's job easier for mark touching calls with it spinning being the proof in the pudding.

The wind was between 5 and 8 knots and some good shifts made the racing interesting and also allowed some overtaking and lead changes possible.

While a good start helped it was not the be all and end all. Mike got off to a good start with 4 wins in a row however it was closer than it looked and he finally came undone being passed by two boats in hot push it just before the final leg of race 5.

Some deserving wins and places went to Andrew Milne and Andrew Wilson with his lovely timber Corby. Dennis Patterson was also a dark horse with plenty of good podium places.

Throughout the fleet skippers had moments of glory most noticeably Steve's assault on the top order which was eventually undone as a boat heading to windward made some good contact forcing him well back. He took it well and continued on to have an enjoyable day as all skippers would have.

In the end on a point or separated boats from 2nd to about 7th. Unfortunately there wete a couple of retirements and a late startwr however it was certainly a great start to the year. Thanks to Ray Wilson for being Pro and John for scoring. It a great to see the members working as a team with the collecting and returning the dinghy and marks.