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Clive Brooks Trophy - 23rd April 2017

HCPHandicap Report: Eleven skippers turned up to compete in this event. Sailing started at 9:25am and eight races were achieved by 11:40am. A break was then had before racing commenced in the Clive Brooks Scratch racing trophy event.

The wind was 4 to 5 knots SSE to SE and a course was set of two triangles and a windward return leg on a falling tide.

As the handicaps were applied the podium placings were well shared. First places were achieved by John McLachlan and Jim Morgan, twice each; Dennis Patterson, John Dousi, Andrew Milne and Russell Gray, once each. Second places were achieved by Andrew Milne and Russell Gray, twice each; John McLachlan, Eddie Cowell, Tony Grey and Mike Freebairn, once each. Third places were achieved by Dennis Patterson, Steve Zaphir and John Dousi twice each; Mike Freebairn and Russell Gray, once each.

Thank you to Scott Warton who was Principal Race officer and to Bruce Mathers for the photography.

Thank you, of course, to Clive Brooks for donating this Perpetual Trophy.

John McLACHLAN #40

Scratch Report: A South Easterly breeze stayed in all day however some good shifts made it very challenging for the 11 skippers. Dennis Patterson generously offered to PRO and set a triangle course with two laps followed by a windward and then downwind return to the finish.

Following some very close handicap racing in the morning all but Scott who had PRO'd the Handicap races had used the time to fine tune and this was evident right through the fleet with John Dousi securing a podium with his modernized Cheinz. Early leader Tony Grey was off to an amazing start however a little unlucky later and even missing the last two races still secured 3rd place overall. Equally impressive was Eddie who despite not having sailed for quite a while managed to be at the pointy end of the fleet all day. We hope to see Eddie some more an I am sure a little more practice with his new Britpop will see him disrupting the leaderboard once more. Of note was the performance of Russell who managed 5th overall including a race win. His commitment is paying off and he had some good starts and super speed. Staying out of trouble helps as well and in the close fleet any altercations were costly. John Mc was right in the mix and was only metres from a couple of wins. His V5 was quick all day in the flat and shifty winds. Andrew as well had a good day with many top places however his not so good races dragged him down the board a bit. A little more consistency and he would have been a threat to the podium.

As far as the racing went it was very much in the starts. With a slight right hand mark favour and not much room between the bank and start line there were a few incidents as the fleet compressed for the gun. The middle of the line was the most often the best spot however risky if you were over. As the race went on there were good gains on either side of the course and the only slight reprieve from the concentration required was on the way downhill as the good pressure generally made for an easy trip to the bottom mark. 10 races were completed and only the expected infringements that are common with so many races and roundings occurred. These were mainly a few port/starboards which had been slightly misjudged and some mark roundings which had times had 5 or 6 boats going around at the same time.

Many thanks to John for scoring, Dennis and Scott for Pro duties, Peter Kampe for setting a very sailable course and all members competing on the day. Our eternal thanks to Clive for his donation of the perpetual trophies and to Bruce and Eddie for organizing the take home trophies.