Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Summer 19/20

WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 5 Manly Marina - 1st March 2020

With the Club Championship up for grabs, there was a solid turnout to grab hold of the trophy.

The gold coast trophy hunter made a rare appearance but struggled to find the recent form which has seen him atop the southern podium.

The high level of sportsmanship displayed recently continued with competitors completing penalty turns when required.

A decision made to rotate the RO and was well received also gave some chance for retribution.

The breeze was from a southerly direction oscillating to the east giving the stewards a hard time.

Close racing, all skippers were having their time in the spotlight.

The result was close, in third place John Gower, second place Tony Gray.

Well done by all skippers it was an enjoyable morning sailing.

Good to see our new member Gary McCarthy join us hope you enjoyed the local experience and commodore Mike unlucky with a broken radio.


Andrew C Wilson


Summer Handicap Series RD 4 Manly Marina - 16th February 2020

IMG 4763Well this Sunday’s sailing was set with a gentle easterly of a forecasted 8 knots. With a fleet of 12 IOM’s all bearing their A rig, the breeze stayed reasonably constant and reliable.

WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 4, Manly Marina - 2nd February 2020


Well what a great day we had with 14 boats on the water and a lovely breeze out of the north I was lucky enough to come straight out with 2 bullets tony grey had a slow start and finish but showed some good speed in the middle of the day if he only had a BLUE boat who know what would happen,

It’s amazing how good the pikanto goes in the dead flat water well done arco 95#nice to see Peter Kampe with another new boat I’m sure he will get it tuned over the next few weeks as it showed some form {that’s if he doesn’t build another one}   John McLachlan had the v5 going very well also, I here he has a secret coach now. Big thanks to jm for the results and to Dennis 123# for being RO.

John gower 163#

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 3, Manly Marina - 19th January 2020

21jansmSplendid morning on the water at Manly today despite the very light, variable and humid conditions and water quality effected with weed and debris from rain in the previous days.11 skippers turned out including Ron with his beautifully built new homemade Ellipsis.

Summer Scratch Series RD 3, Manly Marina - 5th January 2020

Race Report – 5 skippers attended the scratch sailing at Manly on Sunday 5th Jan 2020 for
RD 3 of the Summer Scratch Points Series.

Sun was shining, light shifty 5-10 knots out of the northeast with the tide going out ,Peter set the course , 3 laps, windward return and racing got underway on time at 9.30am.

It was close sailing all day, with the lead changing all the time, the final positions close right to the end of each race.

It was a good day sail. I hope everyone’s back from their holidays for next sailing day.

Tony Grey


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