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How It All Began

How It All BeganIn the year 1994, a small number of model yacht enthusiasts started sailing in the Wynnum Wading Pool.  The sailing day was on Tuesday but was later changed to Monday as the pool had to be cleaned [by Brisbane City Council each Tuesday].  I was introduced to the Hobby around late 1993 by the late George Manders. The One Metre Class would be the class of the future mainly because of their size, their cost, they are easy to transport and they can sail all around the world.
The boats sailing in 1993, were mainly conventional type yachts, where as today, they are mainly skiffs and they are of very high quality.
Some of the Members who were very few in number came from all walks of life e.g. Boat Builders, Carpenters, Clerks, Doctors and retirees.
• The members who I can recall, were George Manders, Nev Simonsen, Eddie Cowell, Andrew Foote, Eric Johns, Clive Brooks, Brian Lever, Norm Muller, [my cousin] Ian Highet.
In April 1995, the group prospered from 4 to 33 members and the way it looked it would reach 50 members by the end of that year.  The Club flourished through public relations by way of advertising in local papers, hobby shops, marine supply shops and wherever the public ongregated.  
• The First Club Meeting was [held] on the 1st April, 1995 [on the ground under the trees in the park adjacent to the wading pool] and the “Wynnum Manly Model Yacht Club” was Born.
It was also affiliated with the Queensland Model Boat Association.  
The first ‘President’ was Norm Muller,
The first Treasurer – Nev Simonsen,
The first Sail Measurer was George Manders and
Publicity Officer – Ray Highet.  
As the years passed, more people join the club and the interest in the hobby grew not only on the local scene but in the UK, America, France, [and] Germany just to name a few countries.
Some of the Club Members started making sails and Hulls, members began entering Titles etc. Technology has changed over masts, spectra and lighter materials just to name a few of the many changes.
All of this comes at a cost.  Yachts are a lot more expensive these days compared to the early days because of the modern technology.
In conclusion, I would encourage people young or old to take up this hobby as it gets you out in that wonderful sea air, provided you put on a Hat and slip, slop, slap!  
I wish you “Good sailing”, “Good sportsmanship”, and a close Camaraderie as you pursue the popular hobby “Model Yachts”.

FOUNDING MEMBERS as at 31st May 1995

Name Date Joined
George Manders 23/01/1995
Neville Simonsen 23/01/1995
Norm Muller 23/01/1995
Andrew Foote 23/01/1995
* Eddie Cowell 6/02/1995
Ray Highet 6/02/1995
* Brian Lever 12/02/1995
Eric Johns 4/03/1995
Peter Miller 18/03/1995
* Clive Brooks 8/05/1995
* Scott Warton 15/05/1995
Rob Muller 20/05/1995
Ian Highet (Dr) 25/05/1995
Graham Corram 25/05/1995
* Active Club Members ten (10) years on  

[March/April 2005]

How It All Began